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Litho Specialists May 16, 2017

An adroit mixture of everyday settings and extraordinary events.
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The world of business and finance gets skewered, as Bottom Liners tackles subjects such as foreign takeovers, office policies, getting a raise, and the fast-paced world of Wall Street.
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A wry look at the absurdities of everyday life.
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In today's complex world of family issues, Focus on the Family provides grounded, practical advice for those dealing with family problems.
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Get credible, unbiased advice from the editors of Consumer Reports about products, services, finance, health, nutrition, and more.
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A whimsical, slice-of-life view into life's fool-hardy moments.
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Yakety-Yak, Go Talk Back

A Pic is Worth a Thousand Words

They Aren't Just for Weddings Anymore

Make Paper Talk
A Message From The Manager
The Way I See It

The Two Neighbors

There once lived two neighbors in a small village. One was a very poor farmer, and the other was a very wealthy man. The farmer worked very hard, yet he was always very relaxed and happy, had lots of company visiting his home, and he never locked his doors or windows. Although he was poor, he lived a very happy, peaceful life.

The wealthy man, on the other hand, was always very tense and worried. He never invited company over and always had his house locked up tight day and night. He didn't sleep very well in fear that someone would break in and steal all his money. He envied the peaceful life the farmer lived without worrying about his possessions, so one day he brought the farmer a very large amount of cash and said, "I am blessed with wealth and want you to live in prosperity as I do."

The farmer was thrilled with this gift but wasn't quite sure what to do with it. He went home and turned away visitors, and locked up his house with his new fortune. That night he couldn't sleep, in fear that someone would steal his money. He paced back and forth in his home, worrying about how to protect his money. Early the next morning, he brought the cash back to the wealthy man and said, "I appreciate your gift, but this money took away peace and happiness from me, so I need to give it back."

Here's the way I see it: Mandy Hale once said it best, "Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and enjoying it for everything that it is."

The Manager
Idea of the Week
Smart Companies Get People Talking

Growing your brand and business takes work. When you take advantage of the right tools it can help you become more visible, gain the trust of others, and increase your bottom line. Although technology is a helpful way to enhance your marketing strategy, sometimes, going back to the basics can also be one of the best things you can do.

What is the one tactic that has always worked?

word of mouth graphic

You can't buy this type of advertising, and when people recommend your business, others listen. Knowing the five Ts of word-of-mouth marketing and how it can work for you is key. Here's what you need to know:

1. Talkers

Who will tell their friends about you? Be tuned in to who will tell others about your business. Think about what you can do to get them talking and take it from there. If you're offering specials, these are the people you give the exclusive deal to first, and then tell them to tell others. Make them an ambassador of sorts by giving others a discount when they mention that person's name.

2 Women Speaking with Each Other

2. Topics

What will they talk about? Is your business very accommodating? How is your customer service? What does your website look like? Can they place an order online? All of these make a difference and helps the talkers sing your praise.

3. Tools

How can you help the message travel? Be proactive. Have the talkers link you to their social media. Have you ever had a social session at your place of business? Get the radio station down there, have some freebies and discounts, and make it a community event.

4. Taking Part

How should you join the conversation? Have you partnered with the schools to do something for free, or have you volunteered to speak about what you do? Meet the neighboring businesses. Join the Chamber of Commerce and network. Engage with your audience on social media. Not to sell anything, but to have a real conversation. All of this makes a difference and gives the talkers something to talk about. When you join the conversation in a non-selling way, you welcome a better response for other channels of marketing later, like a targeted direct-mail campaign.

5. Tracking

How will you know what people are saying about you? Once you have implemented tools like savings discounts and specials, and have partnered with the community, you will get the feedback you are seeking. If your customer base is growing, you will know people are talking. Get people to add a review or two online, so others who are searching for your services will be able to read first-hand reviews.

Rainbow Arrow Graphic

Use these five Ts of word-of-mouth marketing and watch how impactful it can be. Integrating the old with the new can be effective and produce amazing results now and in the future.

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Marketing Tip
Use Your Facebook Cover Photo as a Marketing Tool

Many businesses rarely change their Facebook cover photo and miss many great marketing opportunities. Here are a few ways to boost your marketing efforts with your Facebook cover photo:

  • Be seasonal and promote seasonal products or holiday specials.

  • Include a call to action, such as encourage people to click a promo link or visit your website.

  • Highlight upcoming events. Include a brief overview of event dates, highlighted speakers, or topics.

  • Show your support for non-profit causes, such as creating a pink cover photo during October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

  • Announce a contest or giveaway. You may also consider announcing winners to draw attention to an ongoing contest.

  • Use your cover photo to highlight industry awards and anniversaries.

  • Boost your credibility by letting your customers do the talking with testimonials or links to customer success stories.

  • Promote a hashtag to boost exposure for marketing campaigns.

  • Get nostalgic with historic photos that grab attention and evoke emotion.

  • Build your email list by including a link to a free guide, whitepaper, or other sign up.

To ensure your Facebook cover photo is regularly updated, include it as part of your content marketing and editorial calendar. Use it as another tool to promote new products, marketing campaigns, upcoming events, giveaways, and much more! If you'd like help spreading the word about your business with professional printing, remember, other printers may be nearby, but nobody comes close.

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Uncommon Product
Save the Date Statement Stuffers

Save the date statement stuffers are a great way to create excitement and increase attendance. And because they can be slipped into existing mailings, they don't require extra postage!

Save the date stuffers are perfect for businesses and can be used to announce an upcoming open house, holiday party, seminar or training event, corporate event, or other celebration.

If you need extra promotional space, consider a folded statement stuffer for double the marketing real estate. Another great way to ensure the staying power of your statement stuffer is to design it as a bookmark, which can be referred to again and again. You may also add personalized photos or a timeline to increase its memorability. Don't forget to add contact information and a link for additional details.

Give us a call today if you'd like help ordering creative save the date statement stuffers today!

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Tech Tip
Audio QR Codes

While many people think of QR codes as a way to access additional print information, they can also be a creative way to provide audio content. Whether you want to add a more personalized custom message or have the ability to tell a story aloud, audio QR codes are a unique way to reach out to your audience.

To create an audio QR code, first, you need to record your audio file and generate a URL. An easy way to do this is with a voice recording service, such as Vocaroo (when using a computer, you will need a microphone to record audio. Many laptops have built-in microphones). After recording your message, copy and paste the Vocaroo link under “Sharing Options.”

If you don't have a microphone, another easy way to record audio is by using your phone. Upload your audio recording to a hosting site, such as DropBox. Click on the options and click on “copy public link.” Upload your audio link into any QR code generator, such as or

If you're looking for other fun ways to reach your audience, our creative team would love to help. Give us a call today!

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